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Experience builds knowledge.

Having been in business for over six years, Pellings has had the pleasure of working with a variety of different businesses and has learnt what methods work and what don’t.

We have supported many virtual assistants and small business leaders at the start of their business journey and we are always looking at ways to help and guide others. It can be for a variety of reasons, such as advising them on the best marketing approaches, guidance on how to portray and brand themselves, how to find new business or even how to feel confident in the services they offer and the knowledge.  

Karen Brooks, business mentor and owner of Pellings Business Solutions Ltd, has worked in many different businesses and industries throughout her corporate career and business owner life, and believes in fundamentally helping others. Over the years, Karen has had the privilege of being able to support and advise many small business owners and virtual assistants and has enjoyed watching them flourish and gain confidence. Using a confident, direct approach, Karen has been able to help turn a worried mindset into a positive one and has guided and supported many of our clients in overcoming their fears. We can help support you in finding the right networking groups, write your elevator pitch and help improve your confidence in your approach to finding more face-to-face business. 

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Our rate is £75 per hour and we require 3 sessions as a minimum to be booked and paid for in advance

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