How we can help your business

At Pellings Business Solutions Limited, we understand that all businesses have unique needs. We have an established reputation for building rapport with our clients and will always take the time to understand your individual business requirements. 

Credit Control

Credit control helps maintain cashflow. As we know, cashflow is king in the business world, a late invoice can push you back further and create unwanted stress. Our aim is to take that stress away. 

VA Business Support

A Virtual Assistant is more than someone who answers emails and phone calls. Although we can do those services, we can also integrate into your business to become your right hand person who can help in all departments.

Social Media & Marketing

It is incredibly beneficial to promote your business across a range of social platforms, to interact, engage, inform and connect with your potential customers. 


Pellings will help you to work out the right industries to target, the best products and services to pitch and will assist in collating lists of companies in the areas you wish to target. Our telemarketers will either train you if you wish to run a campaign yourself, or they can make those calls on your behalf as if they were an extension of your team, helping to convert those cold calls to warm leads and even booking meetings for you.

CRM Data Workshop

You will no longer have endless business cards and attendee sheets from network meetings cluttering up your desk as you will be able to add them into your CRM system, tagging where you met them, what industry they’re in, whether you’ve connected on LinkedIn, whether they’ve opted into your mailing list, plus many more amazing features.

Business Mentoring

We have supported many virtual assistants and small business leaders at the start of their business journey and we are always looking at ways to help and guide others. It can be for a variety of reasons, such as advising them on the best marketing approaches, guidance on how to portray and brand themselves, how to find new business or even how to feel confident in the services they offer and the knowledge.  

Business Admin Health Audit

Once you have completed the FREE Business Admin Health Audit, the results will be sent to you by email and will give you some insight into what your current admin processes look like.

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