Virtual Admin Business Support

Why a Virtual Admin over a Personal Admin? What’s the benefit?

We are more than just a VA service, by having so much experience within the business world we review business processes and tidy up weaknesses in the company. We are not afraid to make suggestions that will improve efficiency.

What we can provide…

If you need a Virtual Assistant Job that is not listed below please contact us for further information. 

Email and diary management

Sometimes the simplest thing you need in order to remove stress is someone to organise your day for you.

Database creation and management

A lot of the time, you start a business because you have a skill or you’re good at something. It doesn’t mean you’ll be great at database creation. Let us do it the correct way first time. 

Sending quotes

Ideally, you want to go see a client, have the best time in a meeting, then contact a team member to deal with the paperwork. 

Raising invoices

Similar to sending quotes, we can send of the invoice at the same time, you just worry about customer facing and productivity. 

More VA services

Sometimes it’s the small things that count. The day to day running of a business is busy enough without having to tackle all these tasks alone. 

letter management

With everything moving to email, some new businesses haven’t set up a letter management system. 

Sales calls

If you need someone on the phone getting passed gatekeepers then look no further. 

meeting minutes

When taking meeting minutes attention to detail is critical. Our team are focused on the small details whilst looking at the bigger picture. 

review collection

I have no idea what this is so Karen will need to explain this so I can write it up nicely. 

Market Research

In order to progress in business you need to maintain consistent market research. 

CV Editing

If you’re looking to get into a new career, let us look over your CV. This will enable you to feel confident going into your interviews!

Proof Reading

Proof reading is a job we all do from time to time. We tend to get family members to look over things for us, but sometimes you need a professional who can spot mistakes or improve what you need. 

Telephone cover

Employee gone ill but you need the phones covered? Somebody left on long term leave? Give us a call and we’ll seamlessly transition for you. 

We never stop learning new techniques every day!

Learning new skills is a valuable part of business. We can integrate into your team long or short term in order to implement vital techniques to aid in efficiency. 

Telephone techniques training 

There is an art to answering the phone and keeping people engaged. We offer training to people who haven’t had that experience. 

Creation of training manuals and processes

If you have a set skill base that you need to teach to multiple people, don’t waste time repeating yourself, let us create a manual for you to deliver, this enables you to use your time more efficiently. 

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